Friday, July 24, 2009

Time to try linux again i guess..(not a funny one sorry!)

Well, about once a year I go through this.. the 'i friggin hate windows' phase I have.. you'd think by now I'd have switched to linux or gotten over it.. but no.

On Wednesday I got to work, got my laptop bag out of the back and swung it onto my shoulder as I do every other day.. what I didn't do that day was zip up the bag. My (work) laptop flew through the air with the greatest of ease and went CRUNCH on the parking lot. So the screen is bust.. which is bad news for work (they're stuck buying me a new laptop) and bad news for me, because my work laptop is the one I use when I'm at home.

At home I have a 5 year old Dell Inspiron with a whopping 256Mb of memory.. so I get that out on wednesday night and was frustrated beyond all belief when my facebook page would lock up first IE, then google chrome.. and then firefox when I finally frustratedly installed it.

Now I'm back on my screw Windows kick.. least for what is basically just a net machine.

So I grabbed a spare laptop harddrive (that way if I wanted to put windows back on there I can just switch drives back), started downloading Ubuntu 9.x and decided to give it another go. And now I've decided to blog about the move over to Ubuntu.. more to document what I'm doing and how I'm doing it.. and to see if I can handle getting rid of uncle bill's kool-aid and make the change, and if not, why not.

It was an inauspicious start.. I changed the harddrive over and installed Ubuntu.. the install was quick, user friendly and flawless (except for reporting the wrong time.. I'll look into that).. the problem was.. it didn't work. The install completed 100%, told me to reboot.. I clicked reboot and then got a page full of corrupt file warnings... and it didn't work. The hard drive was making funny clicking noises.. not good. At this point I'm blaming the hard drive... Ubuntu is still safe.. I switched to another hard drive and ran through the install again.. this time it worked on reboot.

I managed to get the wireless connection picked up in less than 10 minutes (a huge improvement over my previous linux forays where I've NEVER gotten my wireless card working). and thats where I'm up to.

Tonight I'm going to try and dink with a few websites, make sure I can get flash pages loaded up properly.. and maybe even dip my toe into the sordid world of linux based email clients.. wish me luck!

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