Saturday, July 11, 2009

wayne chicken show and rambling

Wayne Chicken Show and rambling:
Warning: Post may contain partial nudity, and not in a good way!

Today was the Wayne Chicken Show parade.. my 4th since I moved here, and with every year, it seems so much more normal to me. Lets not forget though.. I was born and raised in the UK.. we are not a parade'y type bunch.. we're not particulary patriotic (unless we're playing footy against Germany).. and well.. we just dont do that kind of thing.. are brits too stiff upper lip'ish? I dont know..

In the 4 years I've been here some things have changed though.. probably more about my state of mind.. i dont think of myself as British so much anymore.. I say soccer instead of football.. I spell color without the u.. and i didn't even flinch (well no more than is reasonable) when the Chickendales came down Main St.

Real sexy, right?

But all in all, the parade is pretty cool.. its nice that a town can come together and celebrate something, even if it is as random as chickens. The other bonus of the parade is that the kids have finally developed a killer instinct.

So at the parade, they throw candy (see.. im using those damn american words again).. so the kids get to pick up candy off the floor and eat it.. which normally we dont allow.. but its all wrapped candy its all good.

Now the past few years, the kids have been hesitant to run into the street and eat food off the floor, which isn't all bad, but it always seems like they get gypped cause of the brats sitting around us are faster.. but not this year.. this year, Nathan, who despite me pushing soccer onto him, will probably end up playing football because that boy has some momentum when he starts moving.. was hellbent on getting the candy.. and other kids were not going to get in his way. And well, we know that I dont normally like other peoples kids, so seeing them not get their way was awesome, especially the tubby whiny brat next to us who started bawling cause someone got to a piece of candy before her.

What really shocks me about this, when I sit and think about it is just how much I have changed, and I'm using the parade as an example, but its not just the parade.. im being americanized..

will it turn out to be a good thing? we'll see :)

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Kelly Thorpe said...

The Chickendales are freakin' hot ;) Maybe you should join them next year... you'd be the cutest of the bunch... the star chicken.. the best bock on the block :)

And I love that your kids got to the candy! I teach mine to be that way. I don't ever wanna see them get their little toes, or hearts, stomped on.

It's wonderful you are becoming more & more American, although I happen to like it spelled colour. It's more sophisticated in my opinion. :)

Just don't lose it all... it would be quite disappointing for some.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chickens! That is VERY American, and yes, it's great when a whole town comes together to celebrate... we celebrate Popcorn here in Marion, OH :) The Popcorn Festival is in September. Maybe I'll blog about that... lots of folks without teeth, guts hanging below their too-tight t-shirts and drunk guys with mullets taking over the streets of our town, while an old washed-up band plays tunes that the youngens don't even recognize.

Loved the post... You American Chicken you!

Kell :)