Sunday, June 14, 2009

about me..

I've been trying to think of something to blog about, surely, I think to myself, a smart fella like me can get something typed up. Then I start, and nothing happens. Why is that I wonder.. and I think its probably because I'm thinking too much about it. So I'll type something up now without really thinking about it, but it wont be a proper blog post, not really, more I'm just going to introduce myself and ramble a bit.

So for those of you that dont know me, and have somehow stumbled onto this blog page (how? why? good grief, you people need a hobby or something :D)

My name is Kevin, I'm 29 and live in north-east Nebraska. However, I'm originally from Liverpool, England. I'm married, I have two kids and I work as a database administrator for a large warehousing/logistics company.

Now I know what you're thinking, because its the first thing everyone asks me.. how does someone from Liverpool, England make there way to small town Nebraska? Well the obvious answer here is, a great big airplane. But thats not what you meant, I know.. I know.. bear with me. I married a local girl, and I moved over here so we could get married. We could have gone to England, but well.. why on earth would I want us to do that? I am NOT a fan of the UK anymore.. bloody place is a shambles.

Anyway, I'm getting off topic a little.

I am a huge football (soccer) fan, and I'm quite partial to Nascar (i know i know.. but im not a hillbilly i promise). I read a lot, my taste in books is very broad, so you may be surprised by the books I've read. I dont like to think that I like a particular type of music, again, my tastes are fairly broad, and I tend to live in a bubble. Do not expect me to know who the latest bands are, I probably won't know, nor will I care. I do like Nickelback, Hinder, Kid Rock, but also like some country like Toby Keith etc.

One of my biggest annoyances over here is the amount of illegal immigrants. If you're an illegal, dont expect any sympathy from me, I hate them all. And don't read that like I'm being racist or xenophobic, I'm not. I'm an immigrant myself remember, but thats where the problem is.. I did it properly, so I have no sympathy for those who just turn up and stay. I could have done that too, but I didn't.. I spent the best part of 2 years and thousands of dollars getting over here. If you dont want to have to go through that, then too fuckin bad, you dont belong here.

Hmm.. on to some of the more kneejerk opinions that I'm sure will piss people off.
I am pro-choice.. yes.. my mother chose life, that does not mean i would. My mom chose a lot of things that I wouldn't have.. so thats a dumb argument. Does that mean that I'm a baby hating godless murderer? Well I'm sure someone is calling me that now, well, I dont care. I do think there should be limits. I think that if the baby is viable outside the mother, then abortion is a no-no. If not, then well, a womans body is her own damn business. I'm not saying everyone has to have an abortion, I'm not even saying that its something I would choose, but do believe in preserving the right to choose. It wouldn't stop abortions anyway, but sales of wire coathangers would rocket and people would die.

I am pro-death penalty, which is odd I suppose with me coming from a country without the death penalty. But if you kill someone else, then you know what? I dont want to pay for that person to stay alive in prison for 20 years. zap em, and zap em quickly.. screw this 10 years of appeals bullshit. As a sidenote, I love arguing with people about pro-lifers (pro lifers fuckin piss me off) who are also pro-death penalty. hypocrite much? hmm? :D

I also think that jail should be a LOT tougher.. you whiny liberals.. you're idiots, sit down and shut up :) - I think jail should be 23 hrs a day lock down in a cell big enough for a bed, thats it. No tv, no pool tables, no radio, no visits.. lock down. its PUNISHMENT. its not lets make this person all warm and fuzzy.. no.. lets punish them for breaking the law. and what is with life imprisonment that equates to about 5 yrs? Life means life. I think that if you fuck up so badly that you get life in jail.. thats it.. you're done.

I am pro-same sex marriage. I do not understand why people get all whiny about gay people. Quit your bitching, why worry about it? they're not hurting anyone ffs. Also, you bible thumpers who think its godless, seriously, fuck off. You people are idiots.

Some of my beliefs here clearly do not mesh well with my Roman Catholic upbringing.. thats right, I went to catholic school.. but I have a huge problem with organized religion. I have no problem with belief, what I have a problem with is the pomp that comes with it. Really.. I'm going to hell because I ate meat on a friday? Ridiculous. I've asked why this makes sense plenty of times, usually the answer is.. 'because god said so..' no.

I dont think I know much else.. so I'll end this blog here.. but, before i go.. despite all that blurb above, im still a fairly nice guy for the most part.. honest .. i mean.. really? would I lie to you? :)

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Kelly Thorpe said...

Kevin, You crack me up! You are funny & honest, and I love the first entry! Keep writing! It's good therapy & it's fun!