Monday, June 15, 2009

crappy +3

My day started out fairly well today.. i got to sleep in a little bit, woke up.. got cleaned up, read my daily websites and had a bagel and a coffee.. all before work.. great stuff..

so then it was time to do a system upgrade, which should have been a slam dunk.. but it wasn't.. why not? well because someone, and I say someone meaning someone other than me didn't restart a goddam service that I needed restarted for my change, but I didn't know that, so I wasted 30 mins, and had to abandon the upgrade.. day dropped down to crappy already..

so I get ready to leave.. its raining.. if I wanted to drive in the rain i'd have stayed in goddam england.. day reached crappy +2

So I'm driving to work.. which by the way is an hour commute, which already sucks, but now its raining.. uch.. so i get about 8 miles out of town and the goddam piece of shit cursed ford fuckus (its not a ford focus, im pretty sure its a ford fuck-us) started to lurch.. not fun.. so i had to drive back home at 25-30 so I didn't break anything more.. gentlemen.. we have reached crappy +3

The day continued in this vein until I got home..
on the bright side, I finally got a hair cut, and once again gave up on the sideburns.. of course, then when I got home from there, work was having issues, and apparently I should care..

now im kicking back with a coffee.. i can only hope tomorrow gets better..

fyi, yes I know im being whiny, but im english and so its allowed!

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